BENGU TURK TV Frequency Update On TurkSat-4A @42.0°E

BENGU TURK TV Frequency Update On TurkSat-4A @42.0°E

BENGU TURK TV is a news channel established by Ahmet Turgut in 2007.

Known for its closeness to the Nationalist People’s Party (MHP), it has been sending its transmissions to the crowd by means of Türksat satellite for quite a long time. The station, which has been effectively communicating for quite a long time, suspended its satellite transmissions for some time because of an issue in Türksat broadcasting permit in 2016 and broadcast just on the web.

In 2017, the direct’s Editor-in-Chief Murat Ide’s declaration that he would cast a ballot “No” in the ‘2017 Turkey Constitutional Amendment Referendum’ established a major connection and the channel the board ended Ide’s obligation.

The station, which keeps on being watched by means of Türksat 4A satellite, is likewise accessible on D-Smart, KabloTV, Turkcell TV+ and Vodafone TV stages

Channel Name BENGU TURK TV
Satellite: TurkSat-4A @42.0°E
Frequency: 12685
Polarity: H
Saymbol Rate: 27500

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