Geo TV Network Tv Channels New Frequency On Paksat 1R @ 38° E

Geo TV Network:

Geo Television Network is a Pakistani compensation TV station set up in May 2002 and claimed by the Jang Media Group The station started test transmission on 14 August 2002, with ordinary transmission starting 1 October 2002.


Geo Network was established in May 2002 by Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman. It began with the send off of its leader divert Geo News in October 2002 Hamid Mir joined the channel and became one of the primary writers to join Geo News. He began facilitating the political syndicated program Capital Talk which is the lead show of Geo News. The primary visitor at the show was Makhdoom Ameen Faheem with whom Mir examined the 2002 Pakistan general political decision After Geo News turned into a triumph, the Geo Network sent off a games divert named Geo Super in late September 2006.

Here is Channels List Frequency and Satellite Updates 2022 LNB Type C Band

Channel Name

Frequency Polarity Symbol Rate
Geo TV Network 3737 V 14400
Geo News 3737 V 14400
Geo TV 3737 V 14400
Geo Kahani 3737 V 14400
Geo Super 3737 V 14400
Geo Tez 3737 V 14400
Geo Middle East 3737 V 14400

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