KIDS ONE On PakSat 1R @38 .0E

KIDS ONE On PakSat-1R @38 .0E

KIDS ONE is an Indian television channel Messes with ONE is an Indian TV station large test to keep babies involved and engaged simultaneously. Their consideration will be extremely less that nothing can keep them snared for additional time. So for the people who are looking through something uniquely great to get their little children get engaged by KidsOne is THE channel to go to. Here in this channel a wide range of kids stories are told through appealing liveliness . You can undoubtedly see that once your kid sees the enlivened characters they will experience passionate feelings for them. The tales are introduced in three dialects at this point, English, Telugu, and Hindi. Actually look at it and get snared as well

Channel Name KIDS ONE
Satellite: PakSat 1R @38 .0E
Frequency: 3845
Polarity: V
Saymbol Rate: 6600

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