Sindh Network Channel New Frequency On Paksat 1R 38.0°E

Sindh TV

Sindh TV (reserved Sindh TV) or Sindh Television is a Sindhi-based satellite TV slot. The channel advances “culture, sufism and warmth for the Sindhi language” broadcasting a wide assortment of projects, for example, a morning show, infotainment, music, sitcoms, dramatizations, cooking shows and children programs

Sindh TV News

Sindh TV News (brandmarked Sindh TV) or Sindh Television News is a Sindhi TV slot. It’s a news station which broadcast news, news reports and current undertaking programs. The administration of Dolphin Media House declared to send off a news channel and its testing transmission was begun in October 2004. The channel covered recorded and archeological destinations of Sindh and different locales in Pakistan, so it was considered as a first narrative TV channel of Pakistan. Outstanding Sindhi columnists, for example, Ishaq Manrio, Hassan Dars, Bukhshan Mehranvi and Imdad Soomro covered the narrative projects. The proprietors of the channel are Dr.Karim Rajpar and Ajeet Kumar Ahuja

Here is Channel Frequency and Satellite Update 2022 LNB Type C Band

Channel Name

Frequency Polarity Symbol Rate
Sindh Network 3784 V 3200
Sindh TV 3784 V 3200
Sindh Music 3784 V 3200
Sindh News 3784 V 3200

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